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What's a good way to communicate with my residents about the app?

Word of mouth is probably the best way to communicate your message to residents who are too stubborn or reluctant to respond to an email. Just be sure you have taken the time yourself to get to know your app. That’s always the best way to get others interested when they see you are.

How can I notify current residents about the new app?

Email all existing residents an e-flyer about your community app. Write a brief note above the e-flyer describing the app, this should include a few highlighted features, such as Pay Online, Maintenance Request, and Refer a Friend. This assures the resident how easy it is to get involved with their community social sites through our app simply by downloading it from their app store.

What should I tell a prospect that is trying to locate us?

Tell them to go to the App store on their phone and download your community app, click directions and the phone will do the rest.

What is a good way to for prospects to download the app if they are "just looking"?

Urge them to download our Community App — it’s a great way for them to review what you just showed them. Besides, brochures are outdated and overrated. Apps paint fuller pictures of a brochure’s information with the latest technology, letting you go green by saving paper and paper costs.

How can we use Social Media to spread the word?

Put a promotion on your Facebook page that would enable Residents to get $5 off their water bill, win an iPad Mini, get a $50 gift card, etc., simply by registering their Community Apps.

Where should I put the promotional displays that were provided for my community?

Place flyers in newcommers’ packages, displays in high traffic/visibility areas: leasing desks, the clubhouse, the media center, the exercise room, cafes, etc.

Where should I put the Web banner?

Place the provided Web Banner onto your website. (If you need the Web Banner in a different size, please let us know.)

What can I use for Push Notification?

You can use it to promote particular activities in your “Events” feature, remind your residents of an event your want them to attend, alert and promote your Resident Referral Program, etc. Just be sure it’s straight to the point.

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